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“Look at Andrea! She knows what she’s doing in life. Be like that.”

Those words echoed in my head all day. I just couldn’t shake them. No matter what. I tried drowning them out with music, but it still didn’t work. Be like that. Be like that. Be like that. Over and over. It wouldn’t stop. I worked twice as hard as I usually did. Be like that. Be like that. Be like that.. I read. Be like that. Be like that. Be like that. I screamed in frustration. They wouldn’t go away! Be like that. BE LIKE THAT. BE LIKE THAT!

“Ben is such a nice kid. Why aren’t you like that?”

It starts all over again. A  new phrase for each new day. Be like that. I feel like I’m being constrained. Why aren’t you like that? Like I can’t be me. You should be like them.

Be like that. Why aren’t you like that? You should be like them.
Be like that. Why aren’t you like that? You should be like them.
Be like that. Why aren’t you like that? You should be like them.


Stop trying to shove me in your mold. I won’t fit.

I’m Lost

You are desperately running down the street trying to get away. You hear shouting behind you. They are getting closer. You have no idea what to do next. You are having a hard time breathing now. You have been running from them for what seems like hours when in reality, it has only been ten minutes. You turn into an alley hoping to get away, but it turns out to be a dead end. What now? Turning, you make a mad dash hoping to beat them. But suddenly, the doorbell rings, pulling you out of your reading induced stupor. You groan in frustration. Why did they have to come now? All you care about is knowing what happens next in your book because you are lost in the adventure.

Sitting on your couch reading intently. You can’t seem to put the book down. You keep reading as the author describes the hero’s shortness of breath as he rushes to save his family. You keep reading and you soon notice your own shortness of breath. The author continues to describe the hero’s aching muscles, tired feet, parched throat, and shakiness of limbs. You have been clenching your muscles in anticipation of what will happen next so your own muscles are sore and shaky. And because of your own shortness of breath, you find that your own throat is parched. Looking at the clock, you notice that three hours have passed. It felt like three minutes.

It is all you think about. You have not read it in hours because you have been busy. But all you think about is what just happened in your most recent book. You have day dreams imagining what you think will happen next. Someone asks you a question and you have to ask them to repeat it because you were too busy thinking about your book. You are constantly asking yourself what is going to happen. You are going to give yourself a headache just thinking about it.

Finally you go to bed. Your brain however, will not just let you sleep. When you close your eyes, all you see are images from your book. You see the hero laughing as he is with his friends. You see him sad and melancholy as he stares at the stars missing his family. You see him running down the street as he races towards what may be a trap. Eventually, you sleep. You dream about the book as if you are right there with him through his adventure. You are with him always.

You start bawling like a baby. The hero has just been wounded. You know he will survive because if he did not there would not be a story. But, it is still depressing and you cannot help the tears coursing down your face. You try to stem the flow but no matter what you do they still come. You feel as if you yourself have been injured. You can feel the hero’s intense pain and, even though his survival is certain, you begin to have a shadow of a doubt. He may survive, but will he be the same? Will he still have the sense of humor that you so adore? Or will he be morose and not talkative? These questions plague your thoughts as you continue reading.

You run around in joy. Your hero has survived! He is much the same except that his sense of humor is more caustic. But, it just adds to who he is. He is just as determined to save his family and you sense that it is going to happen soon. You cannot wait for it to happen. You keep reading and turn each page in anticipation. You are breathless. It is going to happen now. He does it! Finally he has rescued his family. He is now happy and whole again. As the story begins to wind down, you start to notice your own surroundings. You notice that it is much darker than when you started to read. It is also slightly colder because you have not moved in hours. You notice the pangs of hunger and the dryness of thirst.

Abruptly, a sentences captivates your interest. You reread it. Something is happening. You look at the pages you have left, and realize that this new issue, cannot be resolved in this book. Is this a series? Apprehensive, you continue reading. What is going to happen?

Finally you finish the book. It is now clear that there is a sequel. You set the book down in satisfaction and wonder when you will get the next adventure.

Later though, you feel lost. Now what are you going to do in your free time? You finished your book. You do not have time to go to the library until tomorrow. You wait out the rest of the day in agony and boredom until you pick up your next up adventure and repeat the whole process. Agony because you keep replaying what happened in your book and you are continually thinking about what might happen the next book. Boredom because now, you have nothing to read. Hopefully, the next book comes out soon so you can continue your adventure.